High-strength wear-resistant steel plate

High-strength wear-resistant steel plate

Main features: high strength, high toughness, impact resistance, wear resistance
High-strength wear-resistant steel plate Technical parameters:

thickness 6-40mm Length and width specifications customizable
Installation method bolt, welded hardness HRC60 and above
proportion 7.8 Can special-shaped parts Special-shaped parts can be customized
Production Process Rolled or surfacing Extremely high quality Class A
Corrosion resistance good Package naked
Operating temperature -60℃~500℃ cutting method Plasma cutting recommended
delivery cycle Spot goods payment method 10-0
Can be customized Can Drawing design can provide


: Introduction of high-strength wear-resistant steel plate:
The hardness value of KN61 high-strength wear-resistant steel plate can reach above HRC60. The hardness of our company is high and the toughness is good.
The development of high-strength wear-resistant steel plates is briefly:
With the increasing market demand and the gradual recognition of customers, the development and application of high-strength wear-resistant steel plates have developed rapidly. High-strength wear-resistant steel plate is the basis for welding, and it also improves wear-resistant performance, and its service life can reach several times that of traditional structural steel plates; the production process is relatively simple, and open arc surfacing or submerged arc surfacing is generally used. High-strength wear-resistant steel plates are suitable for a variety of working conditions, and have been widely used in Japan, Germany, Sweden and other countries.
At present, foreign high-strength wear-resistant steel plates are relatively complete, and their mechanical properties can basically meet various application requirements. The production and application of this type of steel in foreign countries have tended to be stable. Some steel companies in developed countries already have their own series of products and standards, and their finished plates have excellent cold bending performance while ensuring high hardness and high wear resistance. Our company can stably supply various grades of wear-resistant steel products with a thickness of 6-100mm and hardness up to Hrc65, and propose appropriate solutions for most use environments, and have been successfully applied in high-wear environments.
The standard grades of high-strength wear-resistant steel plates in national standards are:
Seven wear grades NM300, NM360, NM400, NM450, NM500, NM550 and NM600
The grades of wear-resistant steel plates produced by our company: KN55, KN61, KN800

Chemical composition% of high strength wear resistant steel plate:



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