20mm thick steel plate hardox 500 steel yield strength price

Non-destructive flaw detection of steel plates is a test method for inspecting the HARDOX 500 steel yield strength surface and internal quality of the inspected parts without damaging the working state of the workpiece or raw materials. Commonly used HARDOX 500 steel yield strength steel plate flaw detection methods include: X-ray flaw detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic particle flaw detection, penetration flaw detection, eddy current flaw detection, gamma-ray flaw detection, fluorescent flaw detection, color flaw detection and other methods. Physical flaw detection is non-destructive flaw detection without any chemical changes.

In the welding process, effectively preventing the stress and deformation of the component during the welding process is the key to ensuring the welding quality of the wear-resistant steel plate. In the welding process, after spot welding each part according to the position of the drawing, ensure that the size is consistent with the drawing. The welding method of symmetrical multi-layer multi-pass welding is adopted to ensure the appropriate welding process parameters, which can effectively prevent the welding deformation of the HARDOX 500 steel yield strength, wear-resistant steel plate.

The addition of Ca element in steel such as HARDOX 500 steel yield strength can refine grain size, partly desulphurize and change the composition, quantity and morphology of non-metallic inclusions. It is similar to that of adding rare earth in steel. It can improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance of steel, improve the impact toughness, fatigue strength, plasticity and welding performance of the steel, and increase the cold heading, shock resistance, hardness and contact endurance strength of the steel.

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  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet