Overseas production characteristics of hardox 450 steel grade

The Hardox 450 steel grade processing performance is good. Due to the uniform control of steel plate performance, excellent performance coordination and good toughness guarantee, the steel plate bending processing, drilling, cutting and other mechanical processing properties are excellent. In addition, the surface of the Hardox 450 steel grade steel plate is smooth and beautiful by inhibiting and removing oxide scale from slab heating to rolling process and heat treatment in furnace without oxidation atmosphere.

The shipping department of the company arranges shipping booking for customers' goods in advance, and makes good matching with inland transportation. Effectively manage and follow up the customer's shipping schedule and give feedback to customers in time. At the same time, the shipping department has a keen insight into the shipping market in different periods to reduce the transportation cost for the company and customers.

Steel plate cutting and machining parts are mainly used in machinery manufacturing, ships building, landscape building, petroleum storage tanks, steel structures and mold processing industries. We can provide finished and semi-finished Hardox 450 steel grade steel plates products according to the client needs. Realize the service from product drawings-steel plate procurement-steel plate cutting-steel plate processing Hardox 450 steel grade steel plate distribution services, so as to save customers manpower and material resources.

Experiments have proved that the outstanding feature of the precipitation-strengthened Hardox 450 steel grade, wear-resistant plate in terms of mechanical properties is that the yield strength is greatly improved. For example, the yield strength of the wear-resistant plate after precipitation strengthening treatment reaches 480-8l0MPa, and the yield strength ratio is 0.55-0.56; the wear-resistant plate that uses molybdenum, vanadium, and iron composite alloying, the yield ratio after dispersion strengthening is 0.60- 0.65.


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  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate/Sheet