High hardness wear-resistant steel plate

High hardness wear-resistant steel plate

Main features of high hardness wear-resistant steel plate: high hardness, high wear resistance, impact resistance, easy installation
Technical parameters of high hardness wear-resistant steel plate:

Thickness of steel plate  3-100mm  Length and width dimensions  2000*8000 
Installation mode  Bolt, welding  Hardness  570-600HB 
Specific gravity  7.8  Heat treatment  Quenching liquid quenching 
Production process  Hot rolling  Extremely different in quality  Grade A 
Corrosion resistance  Good  Packaging  Steel strip bundling 
Operating temperature  -60 ℃ ~ 500 ℃  Cutting method  Plasma cutting is recommended 
Supply cycle  Spot  Payment method  10-0 
Can I customize it  Yes  Drawing design  Available 


High-hardness wear-resistant steel plate application: high-hardness wear-resistant steel plate is a full-thickness hardened wear-resistant steel plate, which has a long service life. High-hardness wear-resistant steel plate is currently the highest hardness material that can be produced by steel plate manufacturers, and it shows extremely long service life under the conditions of maximum sliding friction and minimum impact.

Chemical composition of high hardness wear-resistant steel plate:

C P Mn Si S Cr Mo B CET
average value
8-100 0.45 0.02 0.40 0.38 0.005 1.5 0.3 0.003 0.40

Inspection: All tests are performed in accordance with Chinese testing agency standards
Reference Standard: Technical Requirements for Plate Welding GB/T 13147-2009
Manufacturing tolerance: GB tolerance new and old standard /> GB/T 1800.3-1998, more stringent standards can be negotiated and implemented
Surface delivery status: shot blasting
Steel plate color code: white

Typical performance index 
Yield strength of RP0.2  1400 MPa 
Tensile strength  1640 Mpa 
Elongation (50mm gauge distance)  0.1 
Longitudinal Charpy Impact at + 20 ℃ (10mm × 10mm)  55J 
Hardness 600HB

High-hardness wear-resistant steel plate is a medium-carbon, high-hardness wear-resistant plate; high-hardness steel plate can be processed and manufactured according to the traditional cutting method under appropriate preheating conditions, according to the recommended preheating temperature and cutting speed.
Precautions for cutting high hardness steel plate:
1. Slow cooling of the stack of cut pieces can reduce the risk of cracks after cutting.
2. Heating after cutting can effectively prevent delayed cracks, and the heating temperature is consistent with the preheating temperature.
3. The temperature of the workpiece will increase during the oxygen cutting process. The smaller the workpiece, the higher the temperature, which is more than 500. degree, the workpiece will soften to a certain extent.

Due to the extremely high hardness of high-hardness wear-resistant steel, cold working of the material is not recommended.
Welding, drilling and tapping of high-hardness wear-resistant steel plates are very difficult and require high equipment capabilities.
The ultra-high mechanical properties of high-hardness wear-resistant steel sheets are obtained by quenching and subsequent tempering under necessary conditions, and the ultra-high mechanical properties cannot be maintained at temperatures above 250 degrees Celsius.
High hardness wear resistant steel plates cannot be used for further heat treatment.
Safety instructions and suggestions for high hardness wear-resistant steel plates:
High-hardness wear-resistant steel plates are designed to be used in wear-resistant components, not structural components.
In order to avoid damage caused by unsafe and inappropriate use of high-hardness steel plates.
The purchaser or user must take appropriate and necessary security measures under the responsibility to avoid injury or damage to people or equipment during the use and processing of high-hardness wear-resistant steel.
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